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Yonda vs cashback websites

So you’re doing your research and want to know how Yonda stacks up against cashback sites like topcashback and quidco?


And, as Yonda is the smart way to get more from your money, we reckon you’re going to love what we do...

Meet Yonda—the bright alternative to UK cashback sites

If you’ve been researching cashback sites, you’ve probably seen some of the drawbacks.

Like losing track of what you’ve earned or having to search for a deal each time you shop. That kind of thing.

We noticed it too. So we designed Yonda to fix your frustrations with even the best cashback sites. Now you’ve got a smart alternative to sites like topcashback and quidco. One that helps you coin in with zero effort.

Our first move? Build something different to cashback...

Yonda - Coin in with Yonda

How to coin in with Yonda

Want to get more from the money you spend? Here’s how to bring mini payday vibes to any day of the month:

download icon

Download the Yonda app and sign up. We’ll send you your contactless card for free.

soendd icon

Activate your card and add money to your Yonda account.

earn icon

Earn Coin every time you pay with Yonda at any Team Yonda shop, restaurant or experience.

gift icon

Use your Coin to treat yourself or someone else.

We’ll pay your Coin into your account automatically after 30 days. You can use the Yonda app to check exactly how much Coin is coming your way so you always know how much money you can look forward to spending.

Say goodbye to cashback tracking problems

Finding it difficult to track what you’ve earned using cashback sites?

Yonda uses the activity on your account to calculate how much Coin you’ve earned, which means you never miss out on anything you’re entitled to.

And you don’t need to do any of the work either. Remember, we pay the Coin into your account automatically.

If your cashback is getting declined, or getting confirmed but not paid, Yonda is for you.

No tricks or black holes. Just a straightforward way to earn when you spend.

So guess what we decided to do about fees?

Coin in without cashback fees

Nothing kills your savings buzz like having to hand back part of what you’ve earned.

If you fancy coining in without the fees, all you need to do is activate your Yonda card and start using it within a year of us sending it to you. All the Coin you earn is 100% yours to look forward to.

Wondering whether to use a cashback website or Yonda? Don’t choose to get charged, choose to get Minted.

An app that loves your life

If you like making the most of every minute, you need a smarter, mobile-friendly alternative to cashback sites.

Something that’s right there with you whenever you spend, whatever time of day or night.

Yonda makes it easy to coin in hard and fast, taking the hassle out of getting more from the money you spend. From signing up to setting goals, it’s a simple, effective way to earn and save.

Top up on the go and use the app to keep track of your balance, your spending and your Coin.

Yonda - Strike Gold
Yonda - Eat out, coin in

Shops, restaurants and experiences that stay in the game

We know it can be frustrating when the list of places you can earn from is constantly changing.

If someone’s on the Team Yonda list, that’s because we all feel good about it. So once a brand joins the team, you can expect to coin it in with them for the foreseeable. We won’t add them to our list one day and then take them off again the next.

Plus, Yonda gives you a way to increase how much Coin you earn at every single one of the Team Yonda shops, restaurants and experiences...

Boost your earnings by sharing your Yonda Key

Remember how we said you can get Yonda to put all the Coin you earn towards an everyday savings goal. It gets better...

If you want to earn more, faster, you can use the app to find and share your Yonda Key.

When three or more people you’ve referred to Yonda sign up using your Key, your account will go from Minted to Royally Minted. From then on, you’ll coin in at an even higher rate whenever you spend.

So if you’re deciding between Yonda and cashback websites, it’s Yonda that’s the all-round smarter way to get more from the money you spend.

Grab life by the Coin

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