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Yonda vs cashback from credit cards

So you’re doing your research and want to know how Yonda compares to the top cashback credit cards? 


And, as Yonda is the smart way to get more from your money, we reckon you’re going to love what we do...

Simpler than credit card rewards

If you’re comparing cashback rewards from credit cards, things get complicated pretty quickly. Like do you get a flat rate across everything you spend? Or does it change depending how much you spend? Or how much you’ve earned? And how does APR work, again?

We noticed it too. So we designed Yonda as a simple, straight-up way of coining in without applying for a credit card.

Our first move? Build something different to cashback.

Yonda - Coin in with Yonda

Like cashback, but better

At Yonda, we’re all about looking forwards, not backwards. And making your money go further is way more fun when your earnings are automatically added to your account a month later.

So instead of chasing after money you’ve already spent, you get money that’s ready for you to spend in the future.

Because life’s better when you can see the good times coming.

How to coin in with Yonda

Want to get more from the money you spend? Here's how to bring mini payday vibes to any day of the month:

download icon

Download the Yonda app and sign up. We’ll send you your contactless card for free.

soendd icon

Activate your card and add money to your Yonda account.

earn icon

Earn Coin every time you pay with Yonda at any Team Yonda shop, restaurant or experience.

gift icon

Use your Coin to treat yourself or someone else.

We’ll pay your Coin into your account automatically after 30 days. You can use the Yonda app to check exactly how much Coin is coming your way so you always know how much money you can look forward to spending.

Rates you’ll rate

With Yonda, you’ll be coining in hard and fast compared to what you’d earn in cashback from UK credit cards.

If your everyday spending (we’re talking everything from supermarket shopping to clothes, meals out to beauty essentials) comes in at around £160 per week, you could earn £400 a year with Yonda just from living your life. All you need to do is make sure you’re spending your money at Team Yonda shops, restaurants and experiences. You can see the full list in the Yonda app.

And how does that £400 compare to cashback from credit cards? Well, for the same monthly spend your earnings from the top three cashback credit cards as list by MoneySavingExpert in March 2019 would come in at:

  • Amex Everyday: £139/year
  • Tandem: £42/year
  • Aqua £42/year (with a maximum earning limit of £100/year)

Coin in without the credit check

No-one likes being credit checked. Shouldn’t it be easier to get more from the money you spend?

For sure. And with Yonda, it is.

We’re all about giving people the chance to be smart with their money. It doesn’t matter how much you earn or whether you’ve bought your own place. As long as you’re over 18, you’re good.

And you don’t need to do any of the work either. Remember, 30 days after you’ve earned your Coin, we pay it into your savings goal pot automatically.

Download the Yonda App

Yonda - Strike Gold
Yonda - Eat out, coin in

Be free to earn without limits

Paying off your credit card gradually or having a month when you don’t repay? The interest could cost you more than the value of any cashback you’ve earned. So you end up losing out, rather than coining in.

And then there’s caps. Some credit cards put a cap on the amount of cashback you can earn in one year or switch you to a lower rate once you’ve earned a certain amount.

With Yonda, what you see is what you get. If your app says you’ll earn 7% of your total spend, you know you will. End of.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve already spent or how much you’ve already earned, Yonda never puts a limit on your total earnings.

In fact, Yonda even gives you a way of earning more...

Boost your earnings by sharing your Yonda Key

Once three or more people sign up for Yonda using your unique Yonda Key (which you can find and share in the app), we’ll upgrade your account from Minted to Royally Minted.

From then on, you’ll coin in at a higher rate at every single one of the Team Yonda shops, restaurants and experiences.

So if you want to earn more Coin, quicker, head to the app to share your Yonda Key.

Grab life by the Coin

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