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My account is showing a "pending transaction." What does that mean?

A transaction will show as "pending" if it's still waiting to be processed by the retailer. If a transaction hasn't gone through properly or the retailer has cancelled it, the amount may show as"pending" for up to 15 working days. If you need access to the money sooner, please contact the Yonda Support Squad!

How long does a refund take to go through?

Refunds can take up to seven days to be credited back to your card.

What happens if the service or item I want to pay for costs more than the balance on my card?

To put you in total control of your money, you can only spend the balance available on your Yonda card. If you want to buy something that costs more than your balance, many retailers will let you use Yonda for part-payment as long as it's something you're paying for in person (not online) and you use Yonda for the last part of the transaction. For example, if you've got £50 on your Yonda card and you're buying something that costs £75, you'll need to use cash, a voucher or another card to pay £25 before you can use Yonda to complete the transaction. Part-payment is not available for online transactions.

What should I do if I have a negative balance on my card?

Occasionally, a retailer may process your payment without being able to check your balance. If that happens, and it puts your card into a negative balance, you'll need to pay us back. We'll contact you within two weeks to let you know what to do, freeze your card and we may cancel your card if we don't get the money back quickly enough. If you notice your card has gone into a negative balance before you hear from us, please contact us as soon as possible.

My top up failed. What should I do?

First up, contact your debit card provider to see if there's anything that might be stopping your money from coming through. If that all seems OK, then please contact the Yonda Support Squad on 03443 815058 or at and we'll get it sorted.

How long does a top up take to show up in my account?

Your top up is instant, so you can add money to your Yonda card when you're in the queue and be ready to spend by the time you reach the checkout.

Will I ever be asked to use my PIN?

Yes, you'll need to pay by Chip and PIN the first time you use your Yonda card after you've activated it—this triggers the contactless part of your card. To protect you and your money, we might also ask you to enter your PIN after a certain number of transactions.

Do I have to use the contactless feature?

Nope. It’s completely up to you. You can still pay by Chip and PIN if you prefer.

How much can I spend with contactless?

The max limit for contactless payments is £30 per transaction.

Why should I use contactless?

Firstly, it makes paying for something with your card really fast so it's perfect for everyday spending. Your morning coffee run and that bunch of flowers you're picking up on the way to your friend's are moments made for contactless. It's also puts you 100% in control because your card never leaves your hand.

Where can I use contactless?

At any of our partner shops, restaurants or experiences where you see the contactless symbol displayed. If you don't see the symbol, you can still use your card to pay using Chip and PIN.

How do I pay with contactless?

Just hold your contactless card over the payment reader.

How close does my card have to be to the card reader for a contactless payment to work?

For contactless payments, your card should normally be within a few centimetres of the payment device.

How will contactless transactions appear in the app?

They'll show up on your transaction summary just like any other transaction.

Do I need to treat my contactless card in any special way?

Treat it exactly the same as you would any other credit, debit or prepaid card. So try not to leave it in your jeans when you put them in the wash and keep it a safe distance from open bottles of wine. You get the idea.

My card may have been used without my knowledge. What should I do?

If you aren't sure if you recognise some of the activity on your account, lock things down while you get more information. Use the app to instantly freeze your card and contact us on 03443 815058 or by email at so we can look into it for you.

I've tried to use my card but it was declined. What should I do?

First up, double check that the retailer, restaurant or experience you’re trying to use your card at is part of Team Yonda. You can view the full list – and see whether your card is accepted online or in-store – on your app. Next, check your Yonda card has enough money on it to cover what you’re trying to pay for. You can check your balance in your app and, if needed, top up here too. If the above all checks out and your transaction is still being declined, please contact the Yonda Support Squad on 03443 815058 or at

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