How can we help you get started?

How can I get hold of a Yonda card?

Really easily! Just download the Yonda app (search 'Yonda') on iOS or Android, sign up in just a few minutes and you're done. We'll then get your Yonda card in the post for you.

I started to register for Yonda but didn't complete the process. What do I do now?

All you need to do is open the app and pick up where you left off by completing any missing details from last time. You won't be able to start registering again using the same email address.

Why have I been asked to upload ID?

Sometimes we need to see some photo ID to make sure we can set up your Yonda account. In the meantime, you won't be able to start the registration process again with the same email address. You can scan and upload your ID with just a few taps in the app. So get in there and get Minted!

Why do I keep being asked to upload ID?

As with any financial product, we need to confirm that you are you. Where necessary, you may be asked to provide a photo of your valid ID up to twice.

How do I register for a Yonda card and what information do you need?

The Yonda app takes you through the registration journey step-by-step. We won't ask for any more information than we need: your name, contact details, date of birth and home address. We might ask you to take a picture of your ID on your phone and submit it via the app if we can't verify your ID automatically.

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