How can we help you with your Coin?

How do I spend my Coin?

You can move the money from your goal to your card balance at any time. Just go to Other > My Goal and select 'Move to card balance'. You're then all set to treat yourself with Yonda!

What is Coin?

Coin is the money you earn whenever you pay with Yonda at any of our partner shops, restaurants or experiences across the UK. You'll earn Coin, whether you're shopping online or in person, unless you're told differently. It's paid into your account 30 days later so think of it as the money you look forward to spending. A meal out for your next date night or mate night? Your next on-point wardrobe update? Your Coin can bring mini payday vibes to any day of the month.

How does Coin get paid?

All the Coin you earn gets paid into your Yonda account automatically, so you never miss out on anything you've earned. The Coin will show in your app straight away. To start with, it'll appear as "Pending Coin," which means it's been earned but not paid into your account yet. It will be paid and show in full in your account after 30 days. If you've got a savings goal set up on your account (new headphones, anyone?), we'll automatically put your Coin towards your total to help you get there with zero effort - otherwise the Coin will be paid into a default pot in your account, ready for you to use.

Will I earn Coin on top of special offers or promotions?

Yep. Special offers are run by the retailers while your Coin is unique to Yonda. So you get to feel twice as smug when you take advantage of both!

Is there a limited number of times I can earn Coin at one retailer?

There's no limit. So reach for the sky. Or keep reaching for your Yonda card, at least. Every time you spend, you earn so bring your Y game with Yonda.

How do I set a goal?

It's so simple. In the app, you'll be asked to pick something to save for and how much you want to save. You can add anything that you want…new headphones, a present for someone...anything! You can then check your progress using your goal's tracking ball in the app. Every time you coin in, you get a step closer to your goal.

How do I get Royally Minted and what are the benefits?

To get Royally Minted all you need to do is refer a few friends. In the app, you'll get a unique Yonda Key that you can share with all your friends and family. When three or more people sign up using your Yonda Key, your account will get Royally Minted and you'll be coining it in at a higher rate!

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