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Posted on 15 March 2019

At Yonda, we’re all about giving you a positive forward-thinking way to manage your money. We want the everyday purchases to be exciting, and we want to share the excitement of Coining in at your favourite locations between you and your friends.
Here is a look at some of the top reasons why we think you and your friends will love Yonda, and how it could change up group activities, nights out, trips to the city centre, or big dinner catch ups.

What exactly is Yonda?

Yonda is an app and card combo that rewards you each time you spend at your favourite Yonda network retailers. Whether you’re buying clothes, eating out, or just spending on your weekly shop, each purchase with the Yonda card will help you to Coin in your Yonda balance. Over time, your Yonda balance will grow, and you are free to spend this earned coin in the Yonda network.
You can use your Yonda card just like a typical card, which means you really are free to spend as you please. Yonda is all about providing that extra positivity with each purchase, removing stress from everyday expenses, and bringing excitement to more interesting splurges.

How can Yonda benefit me and my friends?

Yonda can bring great benefits to you and your friends and family. We like to think Yonda is the perfect accompaniment to a group night out, a group trip, or just a quick meal with your mates. With everybody using Yonda, you can build up your Coin together, over time. You are able to share the excitement with each other and plan ahead to what you might spend your Coin on.

Yonda is perfect for sharing 
Always wanted to put aside money for a best buds holiday break? Or, ever dreamed of having an all expenses paid shopping trip? As you spend with Yonda and Coin in a bigger balance, those dreams become closer to reality.
Yonda really is all about bringing fun and excitement to every little purchase, and we really believe it’s all the more fun when you get your friends in on the action, too.

Is Yonda free to use with my friends?

Yonda is completely free to use. You can download the app for free and we’ll even send out your Yonda card free of charge. To make purchases, just top up your card from within the app and you’re good to go. As you make purchases, you’ll earn Coin. Get your friends onboard and if you shop at the same locations, you can all Coin it in at the same time. Want to split the bill at a Yonda supported restaurant? No problem! You can do that and Coin in new rewards at the same time.
Yonda free app
There are no usage fees for Yonda. You are free to use the Coin you earn in any way you like as soon as the Coin hits your account. It’s up to you if you’d like to get Minted with your friends and put away money in a savings pot for a big future splurge, or if you just want to spend the Coin you get on other everyday purchases.

Where can I use the Yonda card?

You and your friends can use the Yonda card at our extensive range of Yonda partnered retailers. You are able to buy items at shops, restaurants, and even for making purchases online. You can spend your Coin at any point and you’ll get instant notifications when purchases are made.
You can use the Yonda app to track your purchases, view your recent Coin balance updates, and to set up savings goals. You can even use your Yonda card on holidays, or whilst abroad. Just make sure to keep potential fees or currency conversion rates in mind.


Yonda is the perfect way to look forward to a big group activity. Yonda can reward you with Coin over time that you and your friends can all put aside for future expenses. Even if you don’t have any future plans, Yonda can make your typical social expenses more exciting, by rewarding you each time you spend with your friends.

Grab life by the Coin

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