Money saving tools

Posted on 11 February 2019

Managing your money and working towards a savings goal becomes much easier once you start to use money saving tools. We wanted to pick out some of our favourites. These tools will help you stay motivated to save and help keep your spending in order no matter what happens.

Yonda - coin in every time you spend

First up, have you tried our app yet? Yonda is an app paired with a free card that you can use in participating retailers. When you pay with Yonda at a participating retailer, you get rewarded with something we like to call Coin.
Coin has a real cash value and it can be spent at any Team Yonda shop, restaurant or experience, including online purchases. Pretty good, right?
As you spend more, you’ll continue to coin it in, which means you’ll be able to look forward to buying more things like clothes, food, shopping, and electronics without making a dent on your actual bank balance.
Yonda is an easy way to feel happier about your everyday expenses. It also gives you something to look forward to once you've coined in enough to treat yourself. You can learn more about how Yonda works here.

Camelcamelcamel - Save on your online purchases

Camelcamelcamel is a price tracker tool available online that lets you search for and monitor all items on Amazon. You’ll be able to set up price alerts so that you are notified when a tracked item drops in price. Another great feature found on Camelcamelcamel is the price history tool. With this, you can see the entire history of any item on Amazon. So, if an item goes on ‘sale’, you can check to see whether the sale price is really worth grabbing your card for.
In many cases, you’ll occasionally get great sales for an item where the price becomes far lower than it has ever been before. By using these tools on Camelcamelcamel, you’ll can spend less on the items you have been planning to buy anyway.

Money Saving Apps

Wallet - Make sticking to a budget easy

A quick Google search for how to save money will return pages upon pages of articles that say one thing. You’ve gotta make a budget. It sounds easy - just plan how much you can spend, and stick to it.
The trouble is, actually sticking to your budget can become tiring, and sometimes even a little confusing, especially if you have lots of different expenses. With the Wallet app, available on iOS, Android, and now desktop, it becomes easy to set up a budget plan. Wallet helps you to keep track of your expenses by syncing straight to your bank. You can then quickly pull information about your savings and expenses. You can see how much you are spending at a glance, see what categories you may be spending a bit too much on, like food, or online shopping, and see clearly how you could save money each month.
To get access to syncing, you do need a premium plan, but it’s well worth it. If you can't afford it, the basic controls can still help you manually track your spending. You can also set custom budgets and create savings goals to keep you motivated and focus on your future finances.


We all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time, or sometimes we just want to have a good time with friends, but that can often mean dishing out more for food, drinks, and other expenses. Thankfully, with some strategy, you can still enjoy yourself whilst using Groupon.
With Groupon, you can search for deals and coupons in your nearby area. If you find any great deals, you can tap to view it, then tap through to purchase the item or find the location. You can even find deals on holidays and fun events. With Groupon, it becomes so much easier to enjoy yourself without wallet worries ruining the day.


Did you like these money saving tools? Here's a quick overview of what we covered:

  • Use Yonda to earn Coin on your everyday spending

  • Use Camelcamelcamel to save on Amazon purchases

  • Use Wallet to easily manage your expenses and budget 

  • Which of these money saving tools are you the most interested in? Let us know! Also, if you have any other tools you love using, please share, we’d love to hear about them.

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