Everyday money saving tips

Posted on 04 March 2019

With these money saving tips, you’ll be ready to stack up your spare cash and flip your life around for the future. These tips are quick, actionable and will get you building up your balance in no time. 

Make your money go further with Yonda


The thought of saving can be a bit dull, so why not start with something a bit more exciting? Instead of just budgeting and restricting your budget, why not try creative ways to bring in more money for just living your everyday life.
With Yonda, this is possible. Our card and app will reward you with Coin every time you make a purchase at a participating retailer. Our retailer list covers everything from your morning caffeine hit to your next wardrobe update so you can coin it in hard and fast without even thinking about it.

Make a ‘Fun’ budget


And the good times keep on coming.. The next saving tip we are suggesting is to create a fun budget. This is a monthly allowance that you’re free to spend on absolutely anything you want.
Saving money should be fun. If you have a fun budget, it makes things more bearable, and it gives you a reason to get excited for each new month. You may find that with this approach, you are able to save more because you're thinking ahead to meals out, drinks, clothes, and other fun stuff.
If you want to up the ante, get your mates on board too. It won’t take much to plan out a fun budget all together, and it gives you all something exciting to look forward to. More importantly, you can all keep yourself in check to make sure you’re sticking to your budgets.

Make a not-so-fun budget


Okay, so, there are times where our money saving tips do cross into the ‘boring adult responsibility’ category, but it’s something we’ve all gotta do, so bear with us. Making a budget for your everyday expenses will help you to manage your money. Knowing just how much comes out of your account each month will give you a better idea of how much you can spend on fun stuff and how much you can put away for safekeeping.
The goal of a budget is simple. You make a plan to spend X amount per month. You earn Y amount per month. If X is less than Y, you save money. Quick maths.
The tricky part is creating a budget and sticking to it, but that’s where the fun money comes into play. If you can ensure you have some money left to play with after your boring bills, it should be much easier to stick to a budget. Don’t forget, include a certain amount per month for savings!


Tuck your savings away somewhere safe


If you tuck your savings tightly into a savings account, you’ll be able to see it flourish and grow overnight. Okay, it’s not quite that quick, but over time your savings will grow. The secret here is that the best savings rates are for fixed accounts, which means you must lock your money away.
If you feel like you’re unable to keep your hands off your savings, opting for a fixed savings account can be a good way to avoid the temptation. If you’d prefer, you can go for an easy access savings account - you’ll still get interest and withdrawing is easy and fee-free. Sometimes just the ‘savings account’ showing on a banking app is enough for some people to know they should keep their hands off it.

Swap out the ‘absolute best’ for almost the best

It’s become the norm in our society to want the very best. There are times where it’s necessary. For example, spending a little more on a pair of trainers that actually protect your feet when jogging, as opposed to the cheapest pair you can lay your eyes on. In this case, there’s a reason to pay more. But, you can’t really use that argument to cop the latest Yeezy’s and £90 Gucci socks.
The same can be said for almost every item you own. Sometimes, going just a step or two down can save you a lot of money, when you aren’t really losing out on that much. For example, is an 100GB iPhone XS contract really necessary when XR and X contracts are far cheaper. Or, what about opting for a much cheaper smartphone altogether?
What about picking a slightly cheaper dish or drink on the menu? Or, how about spending a little less on a just-as-decent pair of wireless earphones, instead of the most widely marketed alternative? Or, what about looking for cheaper ways to get brand name clothes, or dropping the brand completely?
You see where we’re going here? You’ll be surprised at how much the savings can build up after you start making conscious decisions about the products and food you buy. Obviously, quality is still important, so don’t feel like you have to pick up the very worst, it just doesn’t necessarily have to be the very best either.


Did you find our money saving tips for young adults useful? We sure hope so! Below, we have a recap of what's been covered in our blog.


  • Use Yonda to earn Coin from your everyday spending
  • Create a fun budget to keep your splurges to reasonable levels
  • Create a standard budget to ensure you know how much you can and can’t spend
  • Consider opening a savings account
  • Opt for a step down from the very best to save considerable money

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