How to save for Christmas

Posted on 23 January 2019

Do you wish it could be Christmas every day? Well, with the saving tips we’ve included, it might just feel that way. You’ll find some exciting tips on how to save for Christmas that you might not have thought about before. We’ve made sure each one is forward thinking and attainable, giving you opportunities to make plans throughout the

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Learn how to save for Christmas with a savings pot

Let’s start with one of the most mindful ways you can think ahead for your Christmas savings plans. If you’ve bought Christmas gifts before, you should have a rough idea on how much you’ll need to spend. With Yonda, you can create a savings pot where you can collect up spare money over time. You could set the savings pot goal to be a rough estimate of how much you expect to spend on Christmas. Then you can watch the savings roll in.
You can choose to add money to your savings pot over time, or just get any Coin you earn with Yonda to heading straight for your savings pot. You can earn Coin simply by spending money at any of the retailers that Yonda supports. Once you’ve earned your Coin, you can spend it online at participating Yonda retailers, in store and online.
Yonda makes spending at your favourite places even more rewarding, and it can be a great way to save with money you would otherwise never even have access to.

Become the ultimate Christmas gifter

Imagine if you could be the perfect gift giver, dishing out the gifts that everybody wanted each and every year. With a neat trick, this is actually quite possible. You could be like the real life Santa Claus.
It all starts with jotting down the names of people you’d like to give a gift to. From there, each time somebody mentions a hobby or a product they’re interested in, you write it down next to their name.

Christmas Savings
Next, you go to, an Amazon price tracker website that shows you historic data on all Amazon products. You can set up alerts here so that when a product you have your eyes on drops in price, you’ll be notified. As you build up your potential presents list, you can add more alerts to camelcamelcamel. The further you plan ahead, the more opportunities you’ll have to save big on the gifts you plan to buy for your friends and family.

Wait for sales leading up to Christmas

One of the best ways to save for Christmas is to look out for sales and price reductions. There are constantly sales leading up to Christmas, so thinking ahead may mean you are able to bag a bargain on something you were going to buy for somebody anyway. Much like with the Amazon tracker deal above, this trick involves being proactive with the gifts you plan to buy.
You can periodically browse websites like HotUKDeals to find the best prices on the gifts you plan to buy. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save on Christmas gifts on average days throughout the year. Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are worth putting in your calendar, too.

Use Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween clearance for confectionary

Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween are special occasions where confectionary purchases go through the roof. What you might not know is that many high quality sweets and chocolate go on sale straight after the holiday is over.
If you keep an eye out you might be able to find some excellent deals on confectionery to share with everybody on Christmas day. Most sales will be for holiday-specific treats like Valentines chocolates or Cadbury Screme eggs, but you’ll find great deals on regular sweets and chocolate too.
If you want to be extra smart, look out for Christmas clearance items after the holiday period is over. You’ll have to plan an entire year ahead, but it can be a great way to save on the Christmas favourites in your household. Oh, and maybe to put some aside for yourself too.

Save more with Yonda

When it comes to finally buying your gifts, make sure you use your Yonda card. We support many retailers, which means you should be able to coin in on most of the presents you buy. This way, you quite literally get paid for buying gifts for others. You might even bring in enough Coin to treat yourself to something nice for Christmas, too.
Make sure you learn more about how you can get Minted with Yonda so that you can make every purchase rewarding and exciting to look forward to.


Did these Christmas saving tips help you out? We sure hope so! Get in touch on social media if you have any more creative Christmas saving tips - we’d love to hear them.

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