How to save money on food when you're eating out

Posted on 26 February 2019

Food has become one of the major cornerstones of today’s social culture, so we thought it’d be useful to suggest some ways on how you can save money on food whilst eating out. Because, let’s be honest, even when we’re on a budget, eating out is one of those expenses that quite often slips through the cracks.
Instead of trying to avoid spending money on meals out completely, why not try these money saving tips? They’ll allow you to spend more cautiously on food, which means you can still enjoy eating out with friends and family.

Keep an eye on special offers

When it comes to restaurants, it’s there’s normally a good mix of offers out there to get new customers through the door. It’s not just the big chain restaurants, either. Many restaurants will now do their best to give away offers and discounts on their food. Here are just a few examples of where you can find offers on restaurants of all sizes.

Official Facebook pages

Facebook seems to be a popular platform for restaurants to post discounts and special offers. It’s always worth visiting the Facebook page of a restaurant before you turn up, because an offer might be available. Many restaurants now also include their menu on Facebook, so you can even plan ahead a little.

Google Maps

Recently, Google Maps allowed businesses to add discounts and offers on their Google business listing. Because of this new feature, Google Maps has now become a great tool to find new restaurants with special offers. Restaurant owners know that Google Maps is changing the way we find places to eat out, so they’ll go to great lengths to encourage new people to visit.
The offers will vary greatly from location to location, but generally speaking, the more people who live in that town or city thst you are in, the more offers you’ll be able to spot. So, even if you can’t use this tip right now, keep it in your memory because it’ll be useful for when visiting other cities, or even when travelling abroad.

Eating Out App

It’s also worth picking out places that are cheaper. Again, Google Maps can be a great tool here. You can use it to scout out the price range of different restaurants. You’ll see one, two, or three ‘£’ signs next to a listing to give you an idea of its price. You may find that the prices for two restaurants in the same city can be really different, even if they serve similar food.

HotUKDeals, Groupon

These two are great websites for finding limited time special deals on food. They are similar in some aspects, but HotUKDeals only has offers found by members of its community.

Email reminders

If you don’t mind a bit of spam, or having an email account specifically for it, try to sign up to as many mailing lists as possible. You’ll be given special discounts and offers throughout the year.

Set a budget before you go

Sticking to a budget means that you may have to be smart when it comes to picking out items from the menu, but it will ensure you don’t spend too much. You can get creative by splitting sides, opting for water, or combining saver options to make a cheap meal.

Eat with a larger group

If you’re feeling like you want a bit of everything on the menu, it’s going to cost a lot more per person if you have a smaller group. Invite all your mates to eat with you and you’ll be able to save more by sharing. It’s not for everyone, but picking out a big selection of menu items and sharing it between everybody can be a great way to try new food and bring people together.
Make the most of offers or discounts for special services, NHS workers and students too. Even somebody with a bunch of loyalty points could potentially help the group to save big on a large meal out.

Go easy on the drinks

You’re having a great time with your friends, and then the waiter comes by and gives your glass a quick glance. It’s empty. You lock eyes, and you know what words are about to fall out of their mouth. “Would you like another drink?” Sure! Why not? It’s just a few extra quid, right?
Whilst that may not seem like much at the time, drinks, especially alcoholic ones, often have the biggest markup. This means you’re paying significantly more at a restaurant to have something you could have easily just bought down the shop for less.
Just keep in mind how much each drink adds to the bill, because the amount you are paying can quickly rise after more drinks get added. Dessert is another item that usually gets thrown on the tab after you’ve already mentally calculated the end cost, so if you really want to save, consider whether drinks and dessert are really necessary or not.

Use Yonda 

Yonda is an app paired with a free card which when you spend at certain locations, you’ll get something we like to call Coin. Now, this Coin balance can be spent at any Team Yonda shop, restaurant or experience.
What this means is that you can Coin it in at your favourite restaurants, or even just from your weekly shop. Over time, you can look forward to building up your Coin balance. You can spend this Coin on anything. Eventually, you’ll have enough to treat yourself to a nice meal. It’s happy, guilt-free spending that will always be around the corner so long as you keep spending with the Yonda card. Learn more about Yonda here.


Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog. Did you find any of these tips useful? Here’s a quick overview of what we covered:

  • Look out for special offers

  • Set a budget before you buy

  • Eat with a larger group to save more

  • Spend less on drinks and dessert

  • Get the Yonda app and card to save more

What are your thoughts on these tips on how to save money on eating out? Which tips do you think could be added to this list? We’d love to hear your creative suggestions.

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With Yonda, you won't look back...

Life with Yonda means knowing you and your money are always one step ahead.
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Grab life by the Coin

Click on the app store links below to download the Yonda App